Dependency management with 🚀

In any project, dependencies play an essential role in ensuring smooth progress and optimum results. A dependency represents a relationship between tasks, activities or elements where the completion of one task depends on the completion of another; in other words, one task can only be completed after the completion of another.

Here are the different ways to manage time dependencies on :

No-action mode:

  • Component schedules do not automatically shift, even in the event of a conflict.

Flex mode:

  • Create a flexible schedule without overlapping tasks.

Strict mode:

  • Automatically adjust the schedule to reflect any changes.

From now on, also integrates different types of dependencies:

  • Finish to Start
  • Start to Start
  • Finish to Finish
  • Start to Finish

Thanks to, you can easily manage dependencies and control the schedule to successfully complete your projects! 🎯

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