New solutions for all businesses -

The collaborative platform for all companies, allowing you to organise your work as you see fit.

monday. com offers unlimited flexibility and customisation. You can create and optimise your processes and dashboards to suit your needs. All teams can work simultaneously and coordinate on different projects. To complement the central monday work management platform that offers complete freedom, you can opt for one of the new solutions offered by

monday sales CRM - for your sales team: contact management, sales pipeline, lead management, etc.

monday marketer - for your marketing team: editorial calendar, campaign follow-up, marketing projects, etc.

monday projects - for your project managers: project management, progress monitoring, project planning, etc.

monday dev - for your developers: roadmap planning, bug tracking, scrum and kanban, etc.

These specific solutions enhance the core platform by providing additional functionality tailored to the specific needs of these departments. Empower your organisation to plan, collaborate and track work securely from anywhere.

You can test the Work OS for free, without any obligation.

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